What is FlaWARN?

Florida's Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (FlaWARN) is the formalized system of "utilities helping utilities" to address mutual aid during emergency situations. These incidents may be man-made or natural disaster. The project's infrastructure consists of a secure web-based data bank of available resources and a practical mutual aid agreement designed to reduce bureaucratic red tape in times of emergency. The goal of FlaWARN is to provide immediate assistance, as quickly as possible, to impacted utilities by whatever means necessary until such time that a permanent solution to the devastation may be implemented.

In responding to several natural disaster emergencies in 2005, FlaWARN demonstrated that a network of "utilities helping utilities" is the best method for responding to the immediate water ad wastewater damage caused by natural disasters. By combining a mutual aid network with security information collaborative FlaWARN has been able to cover all aspects of both natural and manmade emergency assistance.

Water utilities, along with the rest of the nation, face unprecedented challenges. So it is a great time to innovate, as well as improve existing security and preparedness efforts. Public infrastructure is at the heart of this process and FlaWARN is leading the way. There is no charge for joining FlaWARN and joining offers the opportunity to increase your facility's response and recovery capability.

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WARN Video Check out this video on WARNs that the EPA produced.

FRWA Video Check out the FWRA emergency response video


FlaWARN Webinars

During the regional meeting it was brought up that FlaWARN needs to work closely with Florida City County Managers Association (FCCMA). Here is the klink to the webinar Scott Kelly, FlaWARN chair, and Gary Williams, Vice Chair,  participated in with FCCMA




Hurricane Michael

2018 was one of the most challenging years for FlaWARN members when Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Pandhandle.

FlaWARN received over 90 requests for assistance with more than 375 responders. Florida also received help from Mississippi RWA, Arkansas RWA, Alabama RWA, Louisana RWA, and RCAP.

Repsonding utilities include.