What is FlaWARN?

Florida's Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (FlaWARN) is the formalized system of "utilities helping utilities" to address mutual aid during emergency situations. These incidents may be man-made or natural disaster. The project's infrastructure consists of a secure web-based data bank of available resources and a practical mutual aid agreement designed to reduce bureaucratic red tape in times of emergency. The goal of FlaWARN is to provide immediate assistance, as quickly as possible, to impacted utilities by whatever means necessary until such time that a permanent solution to the devastation may be implemented.

In responding to several natural disaster emergencies in 2005, FlaWARN demonstrated that a network of "utilities helping utilities" is the best method for responding to the immediate water ad wastewater damage caused by natural disasters. By combining a mutual aid network with security information collaborative FlaWARN has been able to cover all aspects of both natural and manmade emergency assistance.

Water utilities, along with the rest of the nation, face unprecedented challenges. So it is a great time to innovate, as well as improve existing security and preparedness efforts. Public infrastructure is at the heart of this process and FlaWARN is leading the way. There is no charge for joining FlaWARN and joining offers the opportunity to increase your facility's response and recovery capability.

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Summary of Assistance during Hermine

Letters of gratitude for FWRA/FlaWARN Assistance during Hermine

City of Tallahassee Letter

Alligator Point Letter

Videos to remind us about hurricanes and why we need to plan ahead.

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For Member Utilities

2017 Article about WARN's

Now, more than ever, FlaWARN is your opportunity to make a difference in water sector security and preparedness. During "non-event" times it is critical we maintain our readiness and promote the preparedness process, especially between hurricane seasons. So FlaWARN is always exploring and implementing enhancements to our organization, mutual aid modalities and FlaWARN.org.

If you need a refresher on FlaWARN see our tutorial, How to use FlaWARN.

Remember FlaWARN is not just for hurricanes, FlaWARN's resources may be asked for during any disaster. So it is imperative that your agency’s FlaWARN contact information is current. Updating is quick and easy, for instructions click here or contact FlaWARN Administration. Don't wait until you are in the middle of a storm and we can't reach you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have aggressive spam protections please insure FlaWARN is on your list of allowed senders.

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation and support in this important effort.

BMPs - feel free to download this PDF version.

FDEP's StormTracker

StormTracker is a way for Florida Department of Environmental Protection to monitor the status of water and wastewater facilities after an emergency event. When utilities post they need assistance this information is automatically transmitted to FlaWARN.

NOTICE: Latest StormTracker Guidance now available on FlaWARN members site(login required).

The secure members-only area of FlaWARN, including emergency contact numbers for all member water agencies, is available to all approved members. If your utility has already filled out the membership application and you have a password, log into the Members Site. If your utility hasn't filled out the membership application, click on membership application to register your utility as a member.

For more information please contact info@flawarn.org.


FlaWARN is made up of Water and Wastewater Utilities across Florida, assisted by regulatory, technical, and law enforcement agencies. Currently, in addition to regional utilities, FlaWARN collaborates with the partners listed below.

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • University of Florida Center for Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations
  • Florida Rural Water Association
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • Florida Section American Water Works Association
  • Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association
  • Florida Water Environmentel Association